Why people love to visit other libraries …

Nono Burling/ August 29, 2018/ Washington Library Passport

This summer we hosted a Passport to Washington Libraries activity (some may say “competition”) to encourage people to visit new libraries as they travel around the state. We asked people to stop by a new library, take a photo, and post that photo along with something they learned about that library on our Passport map. We added extra incentives – a chance to enter a drawing to win a prize if you visit at least five libraries, two of which are more than 50 miles from your home.

Every day the map has more photos and interesting facts about our wonderful Washington Libraries. Some people have posted dozens of pictures over the course of the summer. This of course gives us great delight as it is fun to read about their visits and learn from their travels. But, we found ourselves wondering why they kept going. So last week we reached out to a few of our “power users” to find out. We got back such delightful answers we wanted to share them with you. (Be sure to click through the slide show to read their responses.)

The contest ends on September 15th at which point we will download the information (well over 1800 posts so far), figure out who meets the guidelines and do a drawing for the prizes (bookstore card). But September 15th is still a few weeks away, enough time to hit the road and add your own story to the map.

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